Satellite Systems

Providers of complete, turnkey solutions for satellite design, integration, testing and operations.

Elecnor Deimos capabilities include the provision of turn key Earth Observation satellite systems, test equipment design and development, satellite integration and testing, antenna hosting and consultancy services.

Deimos Satellite Systems facilities  are ready for the development and operation of complete space missions. These facilities include a satellite integration centre with a ISO 7 cleanroom, engineering offices, a satellite control centre, a data processing centre and a 10 metre full motion antenna together with vast space prepared for the hosting of 3rd party antennas.

Deimos-1 – the 1st Spanish and private European optical EO satellite launched in 2009, with 22 m resolution, 100Kg. For emergency, land and forest applications

Deimos-2 – Very high-resolution optical satellite launched in 2014;  1 m resolution, 350 kg.  For Intelligence, security, emergency and urban planning applications

Auriga – based on our micro4EO platform, a 16U EO satellite, launched in 2019

Neptuno – based on our nano4EO platform, a 3-6U R&D cubesat for Maritime surveillance, launched in 2021

Sat4EO – A 60 cm resolution, 200 kg optical satellite supported by ESA, to be launched in 2025

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Deimos offers turnkey solutions for satellite design, integration, testing and operations. The design process of these platforms has been performed under a design-to-cost approach for a reliable new space PA/QA in terms of COTs HW materials and processes.