Elecnor Deimos contributes to strengthening the role of future Non-Commissioned Officers of the Spanish Air Force in Aerospace Security

On January 18th 2017, the students of the Spanish Air Force NCO Academy at León attended a lecture on Space Objects cataloguing. This lecture was taught by Dr. Noelia Sánchez-Ortiz, Director of Space Situational Awareness Programmes at Deimos Space SLU, and Colonel Enrique Barahona, Head of the Command and Control Plans of the Spanish Air Force Staff.

Space is the natural extension of Air and the security of one of them cannot be understood without the other. Airpower and Spacepower share their basics, depth and strategic effects, agility among others. Therefore, the Air Force is the best instrument of the Nation to lead and ensure aerospace security.

500 future Non-Commissioned Officers of the Spanish Air Force attended the lecture

In the area of Space Surveillance and Tracking, Elecnor Deimos has developed a complete product chain, spanning from system simulation, sensor systems –including observation telescopes at Deimos Sky Survey facility in Spain–, image processing systems and space object catalogue generation, to the provision of services like the collision avoidance warnings to satellite operators or the re-entry alarm for civil protection systems and identification of space objects fragmentations.

The generation of a space object catalogue is one of the most challenging activities in this process, combining the accessible space object databases with the observations from surveillance and tracking systems and making use of object identification algorithms by means of the correlation between the observations and the predicted object orbit of the database, with the aim of improving those orbits on the basis of new observations.

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