Deimos installs a space surveillance telescope for the Spanish Air and Space Force in Canarias

The installation, that took place during the first two weeks of November, followed the collaboration agreement signed in September this year between Ejercito del Aire y del Espacio and Deimos for the provision of an operational telescope in the Air Surveillance Squadron (EVA) No. 21, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The installed equipment is a robotic space surveillance telescope optimised for tracking objects in medium and high orbits, mounted on a portable and remotely operated platform.

According to Ejército del Aire y del Espacio, the telescope will contribute to improve space situational awareness and surveillance of interest and the provision of services in support of Armed Forces operations.

The Deimos optical sensor network – or Deimos Sky Survey, DESS – is a project initiated, owned, and supported by Elecnor DEIMOS. Currently comprising six optical sensors, its Control Center, associated hardware and software, and a dedicated team for observation, data, and services supply, Deimos Sky Survey was developed to provide optical observations for space tracking and surveillance. Operating 24/7 year-round since February 2015, it ensures continuous service for space monitoring and observation.

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